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Judo, meaning "the gentle way", is one of only three martial arts that are Olympic sports. The object of Judo is to throw one’s opponent to the ground and immobilize or subdue them by using a grappling maneuver, joint lock or choke. Unlike other martial arts, kicks, punches and thrusts are not included in Judo. Instead of meeting force with force, Judo teaches the principle of using one’s opponent’s strength against them and adapting well to changing circumstances.

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our mission

Pacific Judo has a rich background in the Judo community and is our founding club. Their mission is to share the art of Judo with people of all ages, teach valuable skills and techniques for life, and build character and confidence in their students.


Instructors: Paul Kirk (2nd Dan), Megan Pekin (1st Dan), Jeremy Cox (3rd Dan)


Classes every Monday & Wednesday

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If you would like to come by the gym, observe, or have a go at some of our classes, you are more than welcome to do that as we offer a free trial class for prospective members! Just let us know what class and day you would like to trial and we'll book you in!