Budokan Rotorua is a Martial Arts Centre which brings together different styles of martial arts, fitness and combat sports under one roof. We currently have Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Tricking, Taiaha and Karate classes. Budokan Rotorua is family orientated and we cater to men, woman and children of all ages who are interested in Martial Arts, introducing them to the benefits of Martial Arts training and developing their skill base. Martial Arts are a great way to improve flexibility, co-ordination, discipline, focus, self-confidence, self-defense and fitness.


Budokan Rotorua is the conglomeration of multiple martial arts clubs in one building. In 2011 the Pacific Judo club was founded. The Judo club very quickly expanded into much more than a start-up club and required a professional area to comfortably practice within. Realizing the need for a greater facility, multiple clubs in the area joined hands to create Budokan Rotorua. After negotiations with the Rotorua Lakes Council, the once abandoned warehouse at 163-167 Lake Rd was converted to it’s current incarnation, a fully equipped and diverse space for learning and practicing martial arts.

Budokan Rotorua acknowledges the current clubs affiliated to the centre - the Family Martial Arts Karate Club, Manawa Toa Muay Thai, Tricking and Pacific Judo Club. Together these clubs form a family of martial arts professionals, passionate athletes and dedicated students. Please feel free to come in and check out our facilities and programs!


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